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 Where's your Donald Duck?
13.08.2011 13:16 | Quack Duck

Donald Duck in the World


 Let's play that we are travelers and we travel around the world with Donald Duck. We go to U.S.A. We take a magazine of Donald Duck and we look at it. Terrible English. We go to China. Same thing. We go to different places in Europe. Same thing. Our last landing place is Finland. There is the best language. Why? Because Donald Duck is not just stories for Finns. It's a piece of them, it's a piece of there language. And that's why Finns have made Donald Ducks so great.


And that's why I ask a question for the world: "Where's your Donald Duck?"



The Finnish vocabulary is coming soon! = Suomenkielinen sanasto on tulossa pian!



Sourse for the picture:

( Updated: 13.08.2011 13:39 )

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 Who is Quack Duck?
03.08.2011 16:06 | Quack Duck

Me, the host of this homepage, is called Kääk Ankka, but because in English we haven't the letter "ä", so I changed my name a little better. And because "kääk" is the word that Donald always shout in the stories, I took the word witch ducks shout in English. So Quack. The word "ankka" means duck, so that was easy.

So the final name was

Quack Duck

And that's why my name is that! Simple? Maybe...

Kuvalähde: Ducks Quack, Eagles Fly


But who is J-Studio? That's another story for next time! See ya!


- host = isäntä

- homepage = kotisivu

- (to) call = kutsua, olla nimeltään

- always = aina

- (to) shout = huutaa

- story, stories = tarina, tarinat; kertomus, kertomukset

- simple = helppoa

- maybe = ehkä

- see ya = nähdään

- (to) see = nähdä, katsoa

( Updated: 03.08.2011 20:27 )

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 In English
03.08.2011 15:29 | Quack Duck

 This website is now also in English and it's probably going to be into the latest Donald Duck Pocket Book in English (Aku Ankan taskukirja In English).

So please, welcome!

Source (picture):

( Updated: 03.08.2011 16:05 )

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 Merry Christmas!
25.12.2010 23:59 | Kääk!

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 for all!

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 Homepage in English
28.08.2010 09:56 | J-Studio

 This site will be in English too soon!

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